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DPP- Your Back Office Collection System

“Direct Payment Processing is a Web based program that places you as the Originator of your transaction.” NOW, you no longer need a third party processor to handle your eChecking transactions.
Customize your eChecks with your Company Name and personalize your descriptor info so your Client can clearly read and understand their debit.

For our International Clients, now the eCheck is printed in your Currency. No need to convert the USA Transaction by other third parties. You enter the value as your terms with your client. Euros, Dollars USD, Dominican Peso, Mexican Peso, British Pound, and more… The deposit is made by you direct to your bank.

What We Do?

Check21 became effective on October 28, 2004. Banks are facing shorter hold periods For these items as direct consequence of the Federal Reserve check processing site Consolidations. The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System believes that the New law is acting as an important catalyst for potential long-term improvements in the nation’s Check payment and collection system.

Participating eCheck21 Banking Institutions

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